Bringing Your Vision to Life.

From planning to managing details the day of the wedding, we keep everything running smoothly so that you both can enjoy your day

Three months prior to the wedding:

  • Meet with wedding couple for initial planning meeting/ progress meeting.

One month prior to the wedding:

  • Meet with wedding couple for progress meeting.

Two weeks prior to the wedding:

  • Meet with wedding couple to confirm and document details.
  • Create timeline and obtain wedding couple’s approval.
  • Create reminder lists for wedding couple regarding items required for ceremony, reception, and post-reception.
  • Confirm any additional details with wedding couple.

One week prior to the wedding:

Call all vendors and provide timeline. Each vendor call will be made to confirm time to arrive, location, and to obtain a cell phone for each vendor. In addition, obtain any special requests from the vendor and contact the reception or church contact to discuss and confirm the request.

List provided by bride of vendors may include:

  • Florist
  • Videographer
  • Photographer
  • DJ or musicians
  • Music
  • Car service/limo service
  • Officiate
  • Reception contact
  • Ceremony contact

Ceremony Rehearsal

  • Manage the rehearsal procession and recession.
  • Observe and assist when requested by bride and/or church coordinator.
  • Coordinate with ceremony musician the timing of event and wedding party procession.
  • Assist in proper seating arrangements for wedding party and family.
  • Confirm the tasks for the ushers, greeter, and sign-in book/picture attendant.
  • Confirm and meet the individuals that will receive flowers on the day of the wedding.
  • Confirm with wedding couple the location of the décor that will need to be present at the ceremony.
  • Confirm the individuals and/or vendor that will be responsible for setting up the décor.

Wedding Ceremony

  • Arrive at least an hour before the ceremony (as per ceremony location contract).
  • Confirm the flowers arrive as per the contract and are set up properly.
  • Confirm all bows, etc., are being set up as per wedding couple’s instructions/per contractual agreement with the vendor.
  • Confirm all boutonnières, corsages, etc., are accounted for and are set out to be given to the correct family/friends.
  • Confirm the boutonnières are pinned on the groom and groomsmen, mother of bride, mother of groom, grandparents, etc.
  • Confirm the greeter and ushers have arrived.
  • Check on bride and bridesmaids prior to the ceremony to attend to requests.
  • Confirm that all readers have their readings and there are copies at the podium.
  • Confirm that the officiate has a copy of the program so he or she is aware of the flow of the ceremony.
  • Manage the processional of family, wedding party, and bride.
  • Assist with the bride’s entrance (e.g., open doors, fluff train).
  • When the ceremony has concluded, verify guests receive directions, etc., as per the request of the wedding couple.
  • Remove candles and box up any excess programs.
  • Confirm any documented special requests, as per the wedding couple, have been completed.
  • Confirm the transportation of items from ceremony to reception and ensure they are given to the appropriate individual(s).


  • Arrive at the reception venue earlier in the day to verify the vendors that are to be providing linens, bows, flowers, etc., are present.
  • Confirm arrival time and location with the car service.
  • Verify reception room is set up correctly as per the wedding couple’s vision and instructions. This includes the tables (per table layout), linens, chair count per table, flowers, candles, favors, table top presentation, gift table, entrance table, seating cards, signature book/picture, cake table, and any additional items as per the request of the wedding couple.
  • Verify that the chair covers and bows are placed on the chairs.
  • Set up the place cards as well as the seating cards, if applicable, at each table setting as per the wedding couple’s table guest list.
  • Verify the air conditioning or heat is on in the reception room.
  • Verify the lighting is adjusted for the entrance as well as later in the evening.
  • Verify all candles are lit prior to the entrance of guests.
  • Verify the cake has arrived and is set up on the cake table with the cake topper and the serving knife set.
  • Greet reception entertainment and confirm they are set up correctly within the reception facility.
  • Confirm the bar is open and hors d’oeuvres are ready when guests begin to arrive.
  • Greet guests.
  • Direct guests to the gift table and their seats.
  • Line up the wedding party for introductions.
  • Manage the timeliness of the reception events as per the timeline (e.g., introductions, dances, toasts, cake cutting, and wedding couple exit).
  • Place bride’s and groom’s belongings in the limo/exit car.
  • Direct formal exit of wedding couple at the conclusion of the reception.
  • Once the reception concludes, verify that available items are gathered and given to the designated individual(s).
  • Direct and manage the removal of the table linens, chair linens, and chair bows.

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